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(T) Trumpet Buzz-aid $22.95 
(F) Flugelhorn Buzz-aid $22.95 
(C) Cornet & Piccolo Trumpet Buzz-aid $22.95 
(S) Small Trombone & Euphonium Buzz-aid $22.95 
(M) Medium Euphonium Buzz-aid $22.95 
(L) Large Trombone (tenor & bass) & Euphonium Buzz-aid $22.95 
(H) Horn Buzz-aid $22.95 
(B) Bass Tuba Buzz-aid $22.95 
  Less quantity discount  
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Please make checks payable to:
The Brass Buzzer
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If you are a tax exempt entity in the State of Texas
(example: Texas public schools or Texas resale businesses),
then check this box and an e-mail will be sent with your order total.
This e-mail will also include the tax exempt forms necessary to fill out.



 Quantity discounts:  4 - 10 buzz-aids: 10% discount
 11 - 20 buzz-aids: 15% discount
 21 - 50 buzz-aids: 20% discount
 51 - 100 buzz-aids: 25% discount
 over 100 buzz-aids: 30% discount
 Shipping for all orders
 (All shipments done through the United States Postal Service)
  1 - 3 buzz-aids: $5.00 First Class Mail /or
    $9.00 Priority Mail
  4 - 20 buzz-aids: $9.00 Priority Mail
  21 or more buzz-aids: $16.00

All other countries:
  Please email for shipping charges.
Orders may also be sent by US mail to:
The Brass Buzzer
8026 Ridgeview
Houston, TX 77055

Or call directly to Carl Muller at 281-860-BUZZ
(Please note that credit cards can NOT be accepted by phone.)
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